Saturday 3 March 2012

Calcium Channel Blockers-Parkinson's Disease-Blood Brain Barrier-Dihydropyridine

Parkinson's Disease: Calcium Channel Blockers with Treatment Potential

CCBs that cross the Blood Brain Barrier for PDMost of us read of the California-Denmark study based upon many years of data from which it was observed that some calcium channel blockers have been found to decrease the PD risk factor by about 27%.  But what about those who already have Parkinson's?Today we'll skip the toxic dopamine argument between Mosharov and Surmeier etal and just take an actual look at the CCBs in the Dihydropyridine class. Specifically we show the L-type CA(2+) CCBs that can cross the blood brain barrier.  Next we'll post the discussions, the disagreement and study links. DIHYDROPYRIDINECALCIUM CHANNEL BLOCKERSAlso known asNotesAmlodipineNorvasc Perivasc, Istin, Agen, Aken Amidipin, Dailyvasc, Lopin,Amcard, AmboletCrosses BBB  3rd generationLipophilic Dihydropyridine May accumulate in brainAranidipineSapresta-AzelnipidineCalblockCrosses BBBscavenges hydroxyl radicalsbut not superxide radicalsReduced levels ofintercellular ROSBarnidipineHypoCa-BenidipineConielmay act in a similar mannerto nimodopineCilnidipineAtelec, Cinalong,Siscard, CilacarCrosses BBBdual blocker of L & N-typecalcium channelsdoes not target proteinkinase CClevidipineCleviprexCrosses BBBultra short acting intravenousCA2+ CBEfonidipineLandelAnother T-type selective CCBsome L-type inhibitionFelodipinePlendilRenedil (in Canada)Crosses BBB2nd generation    IsradipineDynaCirc, PrescalCrosses BBB8 hour half-life2nd generationLacidipineMotens, LacipilExhibits high partition coefficients intophosphatidycholineLercanidipineZandipDoes not readily cross BBB3rd generationhas a molecular design which imparts greater solubilitywithin the arterial cellular membrane bilayer, membrane-controlled kinetics and a high cholesteroltolerance factor.MandipineArtedil, Calslot, Manyper, Iperten, MandipotManivasc, Vascoman3rd generationless potential for pedal edema than other CCBsNicardipineCardene,  Carden SRCrosses BBBSimilar to Nifedipine2nd generationNifedipineAdalat, ProcardiaApo-Nifed (Canada)Novo-nifedin (Canda)Nu-nifed (CanadaCrosses BBBLipophilic DihydropyridineNilvadipineNivadilBlocks L-type channelsNimodipineNimotop, NIMONimodipinaCrosses BBBsimilar to NifedipineLipophilic DihydropyridineNisoldipineBaymycard, Sular, Syscor-NitrendipineCardif, Baylotensin,Baypress, Deiten,Nidrel, Nitrepin-PranidipineAcalasCarries grapefruit juicewarning as do other CCBsDIHYDROPYRIDINECCBsKnown asNotes read more..

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