Thursday 1 March 2012

Certified Public Accountant-Exact Deadlines-Goal Setting-Parkinson-Body

Back to the Basics

When I worked  in my high-powered  career  as a Certified Public Accountant, I frequently set goals at year end.  My focus was on goals that were specific, measureable with exact deadlines, and that would lead to progress up the corporate ladder.It seems like a lifetime ago.Living with Parkinson’s for more than 15 years has forced me to become more flexible in my goal-setting or rather my lack of goal setting. My  goals now are quite basic: get up in the morning when I can maneuver my body out of bed, take my Parkinson’s meds every three hours during the day, walk the dog when my legs can move, respond to my email when my fingers can type, do errands when my PD meds are working, respond to telephone calls when my voice has some strength. work on my book when my brain is functioning, dance and do yoga when I have some rhythm, and prepare meals when my hands are not too shaky.My day-to-day activities currently hinge on how my Parkinson’s body and brain are working. But lately, as my Parkinson’s progresses, my body and brain have become so  unpredictable.  For example, if my voice seems  strong during  the first five minutes of a conversation, it doesn’t mean that it won’t turn weak in the sixth minute. Or when I function well with movement, I generally don’t speak well and vice versa. I know I’m greedy. I want it all—to both walk and talk and simultaneously—imagine that!Sure, I frequently push myself beyond the basics,  and I’m glad that I still have the perseverance to do so.So I won’t be staying up late tonight making a list of my goals with deadlines. More likely, my husband and I will fall asleep watching TV at 9:00 PM and set the alarm for midnight so we can welcome the new year.Happy New Year! read more..

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